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From the coasts of an ancient land embraced by the Mediterranean, lapped by the wind that caresses the rugged nature from the sea, spreading the sounds and scents that have grown us up, we, Andrea and Francesco, accompany you with our passion for music and sunsets on the shore to the sea through a selection of house pieces by artists in creative commons. We believe in art free from constraints and in every artist who chooses to give a little of his talent, expressing himself through rhythms that extend from the solid roots of the traditional house to new fruits with more eclectic and tribal sounds.

Mediterranea Vibes Radio was born in a warm relaxing afternoon under the summer sky, with the desire to be the soundtrack of those who let themselves be caressed by the sea breeze waiting for the night to reveal their essence, of those who combine the fruits of the earth and flavors of the sea in a culinary tribute for their soul mate, for those who love to get lost in the shop windows, spoiling themselves in exalting their uniqueness ... for those who, drunk with life, look out over the world from their terrace, watching it flow unstoppable.

For all of you.

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