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When the sun is high in the sky or when it dives beyond the horizon line, taking turns with the moon,

it's always house music time.

Different at any time, suitable to accompany you throughout the day.

Sunset Yoga

Surya Namaskara

6AM - 10AM

Wake up your body and ears with a flawless mix of chill music.


Fresh Tropical Fruits

10AM - 4PM

Time to sunbath your skin and sunbeat your soul. Shall we dance?

Luxury Yachts Sailing

Pitch in the roadstead

4PM - 8PM

Let yourself living the experience of an expert sailor and let the wind drive you to the next level of house music


Moon Reflections

8PM - 12PM

This is your time to try to shine more than the lady up there



12PM - 6AM

What happens here, stays here

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